Trinity Episcopal Church
If you are unable to perform your position, It is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify the church office.

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Date      L.E.M / Acolyte   Lector                Crucifer          Usher           Counter                     Altar Guild

July 28       Barb             Dale, Tom               Barb                  Pat            Vince                   Roger & Rose  

August 4      Barb                Connie                Barb                  Steve          Cromer           Tom        

August 11      Barb        Dale, Connie             None                 Vince          Vince                Roger & Rose  

August 18     Dennis     Dale, Sheree             None                Pam            Cromer              Tom
Morning Prayer 

August 25    Barb         Tom                           Barb                Steve           Dennis                Roger & Rose

September 1                   Pam H.                                            Pat              Vince                  Roger & Rose

September  8      Carolyn     Connie                                     Pam              Dennis               Tom

September 15      Dennis      Dale ;Tom                               Steve            Vince                   Roger & Rose
Morning Prayer

September 22       Barb        Pam H.            Barb             Pam               Cromer                   Tom 

September 29      Barb        Connie            Barb              Pat                 Dennis                   Roger & Rose
October 6             Barb        Tom                 Barb              Vince            Vince                      Tom

October 13          Barb           Dale                Barb              Steve           Cromer               Roger & Rose

October 20          Dennis        Pam H & Sheree                None            Pat                       Tom
Morning Prayer